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PC Thredz

We are providers working for providers. We are a company aimed at providing excellence in a product to those who care for others. We are a company that wants you to feel like a million bucks when you are grinding away at the job scene, without spending an obscene amount of your well-deserved earnings.

So, what is the PC in PC THREDZ? It stands for Provider’s Choice. We have devoted our time to creating a product that would be functional for any and all types of providers. Any person who is selflessly providing any sort of care to others is a provider. Whether you are a veterinarian, dental hygienist, technician, nurse, assistant, physician, masseuse, therapist, student, etc…you are a provider. As providers we should work in uniforms that allow us to not only look our best but to function at our best as well. At PC THREDZ we believe whole heartedly that providers are the real-life heroes that assist for, care for, and treat others. We may not walk around wearing a cape, but we can certainly walk around wearing THREDZ with a logo that depicts the hero’s that we are.

This product is developed and tested by providers for providers. Remember: Provider’s Choose THREDZ. THREDZ is the Choice of Provider’s.

what's in a name

Providers are heroes. Each design in our first launch is named after the alias of a superhero.


To battle the unappealing and non-functional market of healthcare apparel.


To become the Go-To choice for outfitting healthcare personnel and providers worldwide.

lead always

Set the example and standard for greatness. Never follow.

Have Fun

In everything you do, have fun, otherwise there is no point.

be creative

Take risks and accept failure as a necessary to becoming a legend.


In your performance, in your efforts, in life, and in our product.

always connect

Connect with everyone you encounter. Every encounter, regardless of its tenure, is a relationship to value. Customer service above all else.


Be honest. Be accountable in good times and in bad. Be reliable. Be giving without the expectation of a return. Always strive to be better…you can always be better.

to infinity & beyond

Shoot for the stars and never stop improving. Complacency is the enemy.


My favorite word. Have grit. Grit will always prevail.

thredz properties


4-Way Stretch

Wrinkle Resistant

Stain Resistant

Water Resistant

thredz properties


4-Way Stretch

Wrinkle Resistant

Stain Resistant

Water Resistant

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